Testimonials from Noel Smith BJJ Students
The following are real testimonials from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students in Millersville. Click through the tabs below to see what students have to say about training with Noel Smith:

Evan Rubenstein, U.S. Marshal, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student
“Training with Noel has proven to be beneficial in my overall life. Other than keeping me in shape, it helps keep me confident. Jiu jitsu is a great way to stay in shape because its something different and does not get boring, like running on a treadmill can be. Noel’s class teaches practical techniques that can be used both in competition and in self-defense. It is a laid back atmosphere with no egos and that is important when looking for a good group to train with.”

Arnaud Young, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student
“I have had many grappling (Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, and wrestling) instructors/senseis/coaches ever since I was 12 years old (some of which have been Olympic and world champions in wrestling and judo). I can honestly say that learning bjj and training for my first cage fight with Noel Smith was one of the best experiences I have ever had training. Noel has almost an endless knowledge for submissions which is great because there is always more to learn and practice. Noel’s easy going attitude and approachability also makes it extremely fun to train, and everyone feels welcome at his training sessions. However, the best thing about learning from Noel is that he does not waste his students time with techniques that don’t work, Noel only teaches techniques that are EFFECTIVE and WORK. I will say I have learned more from Noel in 15 minutes then from some instructors that will take hours to go though techniques that do not work.”

Joshua Stanbrough, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student
“Training under Noel Smith in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has brought so much to my life. To me, the most obvious change is the added confidence that comes from understanding jiu jitsu. Its inevitable. There is no way you can progress in jiu jitsu and not feel it. You will learn to respect yourself and your opponent. Also, the feeling of being a part of something and progressing towards a goal with your teammates is unlike anything else. Beyond the internal changes, since training with Noel I have lost 40 lbs. and am now in the best shape of my life, a perfect compliment to the new skills I’ve learned. Noel is very knowledgable and promotes an effective and safe environment for training. We have guys who aspire to fight in MMA as well as compete in BJJ and we also have guys who are just in it to learn and grow with the team.I’ve learned a lot and I’ve had so much fun while doing it. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.”

Greg Clemens, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student
“I started in brazilian jiu jitsu to learn defense and get in shape to possibly compete in mma one day, and in just 8 months of training under Noel i feel more than ready and am competing in my first bout in October. (I also lost 70 pounds which is great!) I thought I could never be prepared this quickly, but Noel pushed me and showed me my true potential. The techniques he has taught me prove to be effective every time I wrestle or spar with someone; I love the feeling when i hit a submission minutes after learning it. Along with Noel, there is a great group of guys that made me feel at comfortable from my first class. As soon as class is over I’m waiting for the next; it’s always the best part of my day, and I believe many others would feel the same.”

Tim, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Student
“My training in Jiu Jitsu has given me a greater appreciation of MMA and the martial arts in general. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of body control, and training with Noel has shown me how to use weight distribution properly. I’ve learned to work smarter and not harder and the results are visible. I don’t roll like the same guy that walked into the gym 2 years ago. I would destroy that guy. Training with Noel has helped boost my confidence as a fighter and as a father. I believe that the techniques I’ve learned on the mat translate to everyday life. BJJ has taught me how to protect myself, and I hope to teach my sons how to do the same. BJJ is about technique over raw strength, staying calm while avoiding panic and avoiding injury in situations where you are in trouble. I know when I head to class that everyone is going to hang their egos at the door, and we are going to work on how to improve ourselves and each other.”

Norine Gordon, Muay Thai Student
“I have been a member of BMAA since May 2010; it is now October and I have lost 20 lbs. since joining. It all started with Monday night Kettlebells with Danyelle Berger. Now I have added Women’s Bootcamp (also taught by Danyelle) on Thursday morning as well as Muay Thai on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with Noel Smith. I have to thank my instructors for my success because without them I don’t think I would have made such progress. I look forward to continuing my relationship with everyone at BMAA.”